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The Ternary Operator – Working same as If-Else

We know, in programming there are three operators named Unary Operator , Binary Operator and Ternary Operator.

Operator’s name itself says that if it is a Unary Operator(e.g. Increment – Decrement operators) than it will take only one operand, If it is Binary operator(e.g. Relational operators) than it will take two operands and if it is Ternary operator than it will take three operands.

As discussed above, Ternary operator takes three operands – a condition, a result for true, and a result for false. It works similar to IF statement. Ternary operator will compact the 4-5 lines of code(IF statement) in to single line. This makes a difference when you will work with big application and writing thousand lines of code.

Look at below links for solutions.

Look at the below example of IF condition code in PHP.


echo “$a is greater than $b”;
echo “$b is greater than $a”;

Now same thing can also be done by Ternary operator.

echo $a>$b ? “$a is greater than $b” : “$b is greater than $a” ;

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